Mar 3, 2009


There are some project that I have pursued
all of them in there are my idea. I don't have enough time to do. But it is not the means that I did not do anything :). That I do it in my free time.

1. U++ project [C++ cross platform]
This project was establish when i use startUML to design for my projects and i found it is open source but it was wrote by delphi language. So i think if have the other one is the same it but that must write by C++ is the better. and i begin do it.
For more information click here
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2. The New World [C# - aspx .NET Platform]
Project is a web portal application
State : Not public

3. Viet Nam calendar (Lịch vạn niên) [Visual C++]
Changing from date to Viet Nam date...
Chuyển đổi ngày âm lịch, dương lịch, tinh toán tam tai...
State : Not public

4. FF3D Flash & Flex [Action Script - flashplayer platform]
Tham gia với cộng động làm Flash 3D
State : Join with googlegroup

5. Downloader [C# .NET platform]
This is an open source and it very nice.
State: Opensource

6. DatabaseEngines [C# .NET platform]
This is my private project. It can connect to Sql database and get all structure of tables, stored, function ... You can use it to generate the entities, BLL and DAL for three layers application
State: In Progress


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